Placing Users at the Centre: Clio Website Redesign

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Antenna develops research-based UX strategy and design for leading law practice management software website

Antenna provided a team of UX strategy, research, and design consultants to help Clio, a leading law practice management software company, redesign the company’s website. Launched in 2019, the new website supports the company’s business goals and clearly communicates its products and their value. Based on user and stakeholder research, the site also meets the key needs of its primary target users, attorneys and law firms.


Clio is a Canadian SAAS company that provides cloud-based legal practice management software for attorneys and law firms. Founded in 2007, Clio has grown quickly and has since established itself as a leader in its category. After several years of operating in “start up” mode, the company decided to redesign their website to better align with their business strategy and target prospective customers more effectively. In 2018, Clio engaged Antenna to help them plan, design, and implement the new website.


To uncover what Clio already knew about their product, business, their website, and their users, we facilitated a series of workshops with client stakeholders. From these sessions, we defined the design requirements and strategic opportunities for the project.
We then engaged in several compressed design sprints to move rapidly into design. Working with Clio stakeholders, Antenna developed a new site map and key design templates and wireframes. To test our assumptions with representative users, we conducted a round of usability testing. Using these test results, we adjusted and refined the new site design.

The Antenna team provided clear annotation in all deliverables, to make sure Clio developers would have all the information they needed to work quickly and efficiently. To ensure a smooth transition from design to implementation, Antenna remained available to provide consultation and support to the Clio team throughout the build.


Antenna provided a comprehensive set of UX strategy recommendations, including:

Following these recommendations, Antenna then designed a new site and page level architecture for Clio. Prior to finalizing the design, we tested the proposed site map and wireframes with representative users to ensure optimal usability.


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